Have you experienced clinical negligence?

Do you feel alone and Isolated?

Do you feel confused?

Do you ask yourself the question “Who am I after the Injury?”

Do you struggle with feelings of emptiness, depression, grief or loss?

Are you related to or caring for someone who has experienced clinical negligence?

Counselling in Holloway

At INSIGHT we know that you may be feeling powerless. After an experience of clinical negligence you may be feeling insecure, confused, depressed or anxious and not know what to do or where to turn.

Well, you have taken the first step! Your courage is power. You have taken control of your recovery and together we will take the journey towards your emotional healing.

Family Support

Clinical negligence does not only affect the patient. It affects the family also.


Our consultations are one-to-one allowing you be as open and transparent as you need to be.


Our personalised therapy packages help you to rebuild and learn to live again.

Carers Support

Carers who look after those who have suffered clinical negligence may experience feelings such as