How can I help you?

My name is Maureen E Tuitt. I am a fully qualified, advanced Humanistic Integrative Counselor with over 15 years of counselling experience. You may ask – how can I help you? Having experienced clinical negligence, I have first-hand experience and knowledge of how it can affect you. My personal experience of clinical negligence led me to create this highly specialised service so that you will know that you are not alone and can get the therapy you need.

Like you, I knew that I needed help to overcome this experience because my feelings and emotions were difficult to manage. I went from the role of therapist to client, literally exchanging chairs. This traumatic event brought me to a low place, but with the help of a therapist and my own faith, it has enabled me to heal and ‘live again’. The awareness of how I felt in this experience enriched and inspired me to help others.

I am fully aware that each client will have a different experience and a different personal psychology. However, recovering from the injury and fighting for justice can put a strain on many areas of your life, making you feel overwhelmed, hopeless, as if you are ‘damaged’ forever.

Your might well be in a place where you are left without the physical or emotional strength to continue. You may be a carer or a family member of someone who has suffered from clinical negligence? This is the person who needs help and support to manage the emotional fall-out of the clinical neglect. I care about and can empathise with your experience, and I have the professional skills to help you and provide you with the tools for recovery.

What Insight Specialised Counselling Service will provide 

I strongly believe that after experiencing trauma or neglect, a space of warmth, safety and protection is required. This space is needed, to enable you to feel empowered and supported. Insight Clinical Negligence Therapy Service  can provide you with this space to begin the process of working towards your healing. We will work together to explore your feelings, whilst ensuring you are given every opportunity to just ‘be’. You can bring to the session any issues and/or feelings that you want to share. You will be listened to, and supported, throughout your counselling process and during your personal growth. After an experience of neglect, you will be able to regain control through seeking your own healing. Your are the expert of your own experience and I will help you to move towards emotional well-being.   To book a free 15 minute telephone consultation – please contact us now!