If you are a carer for someone who has suffered clinical negligence, you will not only have responsibility for all round care to a family member or friend, but also for their emotional support. This can be as difficult at a time for the carer as it can be for the person who has suffered.

Carers who are left to look after those who have suffered clinical negligence, may experience feelings such as;

  • isolation
  • depression
  • feeling trapped
  • uncertainty
  • powerless
  • fear
  • guilt
  • anger
  • resentment
  • despair

The carer is often left without care for their own emotional well-being when taking on the role of caring for the loved one.


How can we help?

We CARE for you the carer. At ICNTS I work with those whose feelings may have been ‘pushed down’ in order to take on the role of carer. I can provide you with a space where you can explore and express your feelings in a safe non-judgmental and confidential environment at such a difficult time.

What can you expect from your therapist?

The relationship between therapist and client is important and significantly different to other relationships. During your counselling sessions, you need to feel safe to explore your feelings, especially those negative, fearful or deeply buried issues you may not have disclosed to anyone else. Initially, the intensity  can be very uncomfortable for some clients. My priority is to build a professional relationship with you built on trust. I am empathetic, caring and supportive. I treat each client with respect and provide a service that is non-judgmental, confidential and professional at all times.

Ultimately, the most important part of my work is helping you to gain insight into your personal situation and empower you to move forward with confidence and hope. I have the skills and personal experience to support you so that you are able to express and explore your feelings and find ways to enable healing within.

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