Our therapy sessions last 50 minutes, and are always one-to-one allowing you to be as open and transparent as you need to be. The initial consultation is used to explore the possibility of us working together. It is a chance to ask me questions about how I work and what counselling and therapy entails. We can also discuss what your expectations are of counselling and any anxieties you might have. Finally, we will go over practicalities such as agreeing a session time that is convenient to you and discussing the fee.

How it works

Our personalised sessions will help you begin to rebuild your life and learn to live again. Therapy/counselling offers you a secure, confidential place to talk about your needs, and what is causing you to feel confused, distressed or depressed. It allows you to speak with somebody who will pay attention to you and help to provide strategies and techniques to improve your emotional well-being.

Most Importantly – The Benefits

What invariably every person who attends counselling is looking for, is to feel better! The benefits of therapy are far reaching and include:

  • Relief from symptoms such as depression or anxiety
  • Finding ways to move on from challenging and difficult situations
  • Accepting reality such as bereavement or long-term illness
  • Coping techniques to manage pain and a dramatic lifestyle change
  • Help to articulate feelings and influencing factors on your behaviour
  • Tools to help towards a brighter future and emotional healing

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