Tub-ChairsHow it works

Our personalised sessions will help you to begin to rebuild your life after clinical neglect and learn to live again. Therapy offers you a secure, confidential place to talk about your needs, and what is causing you to feel confused, distressed or depressed. It allows you to speak with somebody who will pay attention to you and to help to provide strategies and techniques to improve your emotional well-being.

The Process

You will have an initial assessment to discuss your needs and your expectations of the therapy.  We can establish whether we can offer you the support you need or if a referral might be more suitable.  You will be able to use the assessment to share your experience, another assessment session may be available in order to do this if required.

The initial assessment and therapy will take place at the North London office. If there are any difficulties with this an alternative location may be possible.

If you feel you would like to go ahead with the therapy, a contract will then be discussed.  This is a mutual agreement between client and therapist.  It will articulate our individual responsibilities within the relationship, the process of therapy and confidentiality.  This will be discussed and signed before any therapy sessions begin.

Change begins within

At ICNTS we will support you and enable you to have an inward knowing of your needs, gain clarity and insight into the road you want to take towards emotional healing. Your have the ability with support to look within and access your healing. You will be able to move from who you are now to who you are becoming.

Therapy is an extremely personal method. Typically it is necessary to discuss painful feelings or troublesome experiences. It is important to realise that therefore you can sometimes feel worse to begin with. However, over time therapy helps you to develop long term coping skills.


Most importantly – The benefits

What invariably every person who attends counselling is looking for, is to feel better! The benefits of therapy are far reaching and include:

  • Relief from symptoms such as depression or anxiety
  • Finding ways to move on from a challenging and difficult situation
  • Accepting reality such as bereavement or long-term illness
  • Coping techniques to manage pain and a dramatic lifestyle change
  • Help to articulate feelings and influencing factors on your behaviour
  • Tools to help towards a brighter future and emotional healing


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“Change begins within”

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